I went to a conference a while ago and met a fantastic young developer. She was just a year or two into her career and was full of great ideas and great questions. I was impressed that she had already started a blog with a number of thought-provoking posts. Though I’ve been programming for quite a while I’ve never had the courage to put my thoughts out on the internet, though I’ve benefited tremendously by all the wonderful developers who do have the courage.

So I was inspired to start a blog.

I’ve been writing software professionally for ten years. I spent the last six years consulting: going to different companies around Boston, helping them with their mobile apps and strategy, and learning all I could along the way. But I’ve never written about it. I always felt that I don’t have anything new to say, especially since I read so many great blogs by so many people smarter than myself.

But I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to know everything to write a blog post, I just have to know something. Hopefully someone will find this blog and read something that inspires them or teaches them, or just helps them when dealing with an obscure programming topic or a bug in Xcode. Hopefully I’ll learn something through writing here, or I’ll connect with other great developers, like you dear reader, through my writing.

So with that, I hope you enjoy my blog. I’d love it if you contacted me and told me what you think about it. Since I’m a novice writer I’ll end this first blog post with the way all great programmers begin:

print("Hello World!")